My dad saw that it is the second year of 1D being together and he asked me if he could make a little video of him dancing to one of their songs… old guy has some moves lol

My dad saw that it has already been 2 years since 1D have been together and he wanted to dance to one of there songs in honor of them :)

sootandthestars asked: This is just a little message to wish you a wonderful day today. xx

Aw thank you! And I hope you have a great day too :)

sootandthestars asked: Hey Alexis I tagged you in the Tag Game! So go to my blog & do it or search your tag & find my post, it's the latest one right now. Tag me when you're done so I can see it! ~Melissa :)

I did the Tag Game!!!!!! and I tagged you :)

The Tag Game?

The Tag Game?

Melissa tagged her followers and I am one of them. :)

Rule 1 - Post the rules.

Rule 2 - Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones.

Rule 3 - Tag 11 people and link them to your post.

Rule 4 - Let them know you’ve tagged them

Melissa’s 11 Questions!

1. What’s your favorite book? I love Lord of the Rings… Best Books EVER!!!!

2. What’s your favorite film? Ohh thats a tough one…either Lord of the Rings or Nightmare Before Christmas!

3. Do you believe in horoscopes? I do!!!!! I always check mine.

4. Do you wish upon a star? Yes!!

5. Do you believe in fairy tales? Hmm. Yea because they are usually positive :)

6. If you had to choose a ficitonal character that represented you, who would it be (details please, not just name but source too)? Probably Hermione from Harry Potter because I tend to be able to have knowledge about different but usefull things. Plus she has Ron and I love Rupert Grint lol (who doesnt love a Ginger lol).

7. What color is your room? Bright Green!! Gotta love bright colors!

8. Are you an only child or how many siblings do you have? I have two brother. One older and one younger so im the middle child :D

9. Does your RL best friend have a Tumblr? She does!

10. What’s your favorite pizza? I love pineapple and mushroom pizza… now I want pizza lol

11. What are you into right now (tv shows, books, art, hobbies)? Right now im really into art and just painting stuff and applying my love for music into my art. Also im re-reading The Hobbit because the movie is coming out soon!!!!

Okay, if I tag you it’s because I follow you & want to get to know you even if we don’t talk, which is probably what’s happening & if not we should! :D

The 11 Questions that my people have to answer are right below:

1. What’s your favorite film?

2. What’s your favorite song when your happy?

3. What would be your dream job?

4. Do you wish you could live in another country? (If yes which one)

5. Favorite quote from a book or movie?

6. Do you have any pets?

7. What color(s) are your favorite?

8. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

9. Do you actually know any of your Tumblr followers?

10. Do you believe in aliens?

11. If you could trade places with someone (real or fictional) who would it be and why?

#Tag me when you guys are done so i can see if you decide to do this :)

Even cute lil penguins love Ed Sheeran ^^

Even cute lil penguins love Ed Sheeran ^^

my jewelry box so far… with Ed Sheerans lyrics from “wake me up” on one side of it:)

my jewelry box so far… with Ed Sheerans lyrics from “wake me up” on one side of it:)